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A Place, that provide Information about the Usage of Social Media for Learning and Teaching

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What is this Wiki about?

sowebedu is the short form of “Social Web in Education” and refers to the usage of Social Software and Web2.0 for teaching and learning. This wiki is created for the Share.TEC pilot Social Software and Web2.0 in Teacher Education and Teacher Training. It provides a platform for a community of practice for exploring and analysing the usage of Social Software and Web2.0 tools and services under real educational conditions. This Wiki is for documenting our work, collecting resources, discussing pilot related issues, sharing information, and publishing the results of our Share.TEC pilot.

If you like to work with us, and if you want to help others using the web in their work and their studies, please join this community.

What do you have to do, if you want to participate?

  1. Join the community: Click to the link “Join this wiki” on the left side and sign in.
  2. Provide a short self-description in the participants section.
  3. Explore this wiki.
  4. Create content to the topic in which you are interested and describe related educational scenarios using social web in teaching and learning. Publish all at this wiki.
  5. Create one discussion thread to your favourite topic and participate in other discussions.
  6. Choose one to three (minimum 1, maximum 3) tools and/or services and use it in your daily work, your lectures (preparation phase, classroom, reworking phase), or during your studies. Please make a notice in the discussion forum about your choice.

If you don’t know how to use a wiki, go to the Wiki page. There, you will find basic information about wiki and collaborative writing, incl. a wiki video tutorial.

If you have questions about this pilot, don’t hesitate to contact me via e-mail.

Initiator and Coordinator of this wiki

Marion R. Gruber
Marion R. Gruber
Nicole Bittel

Many thanks to all contributors!