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Share.TEC Pilot Participants

Lead and Organizer

Marion R. Gruber

I was Assistant Professor at CELSTEC (Centre for Learning Sciences and Technologies), Open University of the Netherlands (NL) during the Share.TEC Pilot.
I work at E-Learning-Coordination at the Faculty of Arts and Humanities and as lecturer at Art History Institute, University of Z├╝rich (CH).
I lead the KUKUK initiative.

My research interests are applications of ICT in formal, non-formal and cultural heritage education, learning design (IMS-LD) and instructional design, open educational resources, competence development, web usability, social software and web2.0 in education, and mobile learning.


Nicole Bittel

I am a research associate at the Swiss Distance University of Applied Sciences.
As member of the research management unit I work on topics such as e-collaboration, knowledge management and storytelling. I am leading the Swiss Special Interest Group e-collaboration and I am committee member of eduhub days 2013 and 2014.

I am a passionate storyteller and knowledge worker. I love stories of all kinds - but especially Swiss sagas about poor souls and undeads... ;-)

I hold a master in Historical Pedagogy, Science of Comparative Religions and Criminology of the University of Zurich.