The e-helpers model aims at establishing an open helping community for learners, based on task and time. The model provides learners with certain information at a certain time for solving a certain task by making use of shared knowledge and experience.

The community’s objective is to create fast and prompt information by users for users who are not necessarily emotionally linked to each other. Thus the model puts its focus on the users’ current needs and instead of the social relationship between them.

As soon as the learner has found the information he was looking for he leaves the community again. Assuming that the problems which learners have to solve are similar, the information which is generated by the community is kept available on the platform for future members’ use.

Nicole Bittel 25.07.2013

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"Wolfram Alpha on social base"
A system answering all possible questions just in time

Combine time - (location) - task(s) - content/action(s)

Role of user: provide and/or get something