The model creates the figure of the antibody – the biggest enemy of a learner’s idea. As a kind of devil, the antibody engages the learner to overthink his ideas and views. He may ask questions, criticize or have complementary needs or objectives, because this other person doesn’t understand, doesn’t like or doesn’t agree on the learner’s view.

This devilish feedback forces the learner to leave his comfort zone and to deal with new, innovative, unexpected and unusual ideas as added value for his personal learning process.The collaboration with unexpected people, unknown people, or people from other fields, with other views and interests etc., offer deeper and different insights into the learner’s perspectives.

The model aims at boosting innovation through such collaboration by using social media, since they allow learners to find people, knowledge and experience beyond their own background. Thus, common higher education settings, in which collaboration takes place among students who know each other or who are linked with each other through a topic, through personal skills or affinity, are transcended.

Nicole Bittel, 25.07.2013