403474059_ce6993e1d6.jpgWeb2.0 and Social Software

Web2.0 technologies have various possibilities and applications for teaching and learning. In this pilot we will collaboratively use Web2.0 and social software services to collect and create open educational resources for Teacher Education and Teacher Training. We will explore and discuss different services of the Web2.0 in order to identify useful applications in education and how these services can be used. Moreover, we will use selected services to create open educational content and learn how to use existing resources of these services. Finally, we will identify how to leverage the potential of communities for creating a shared space of educational resources.

We aim to

  • analyse the pedagogical background for using web2.0 technologies in education and training,
  • give an overview of available tools and services and their fields of application,
  • support the participants for selecting appropriate tools and services for their educational practice, and
  • create educational resources using the available tools and services.

We focus on

(New topics are welcome)

Target groups

  • teacher students during their studies,
  • teachers in practice, and
  • teacher educators and trainers.

Questions we want to answer

Which tools and services are useful to support teacher students during their studies, teachers in practice, and teacher educators and trainers?
How can these tools and services support people?
What is working and what not?
Which problems were identified?
We want to identify best practices and propose useful tools and services.


  • Searching resources (websites, tools, services, information material, learning objects/material, ...)
  • Collecting resources (as power point presentations, documents, ...)
  • Creating resources (OER)
  • Sharing resources/exchange
  • Adapting resources (improving or enriching)
  • (Re)using resources

Discussions about ...

... which tools and services are useful
... topics that could be interesting for Teacher Education and Teacher Training
... the development of a strategy how to get the students involved

Communication, networking, and resources


This sowebedu wiki (including discussion forum)


Share.TEC portal (including discussion forum)
TELeurope portal (including discussion forum)


Marion R. Gruber, CELSTEC, Open Universiteit Nederland, NL (marion.gruber[at]ou.nl)


Pilot participants (with short selfdescriptions)
Wiki members


Gruber, M. R. (2011). Social Software and Web2.0 in Teacher Education and Teacher Training. Research Report for Share.TEC Pilot. Heerlen, NL: Open University of the Netherlands.