What is Collaborative Idea Development?

Collaborative Idea Development means that people develop ideas in a collaborative environment. "During the collaborative idea development phase, feedback should be positive and participants should be encouraged to push their ideas further. Criticism must be prohibited. Such a positive environment is essential to the incubation of creative ideas - and it is creative ideas that turn into your most significant innovations. Negative feedback is discouraging not only to the recipient of the feedback, but also to other participants. And as soon as people fear their ideas will be criticised, they quickly stop being creative." [Baumgartner 2008, p. 11]

Interesting questions

  • What is the educational potential of Collaborative Idea Development?
  • How to use services for Collaborative Idea Development in Teacher Education and Teacher Training?

Application scenarios in education

  • Collect prior knowledge;
  • Brainstorming;
  • Collect ideas;
  • Visualise complex topics;
  • Allocate responsabilities.


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Baumgartner, J. (2008). An Introduction to Idea Management. Bwiti bvba ~ jpb.com.