What is Social Bookmarking?

Social Bookmarking is a method to organise, store, manage, search, group, rearrange, rate, comment, and share online resources."It allows you to have access to your favorite bookmarks on any computer with Internet access". [Jonathan Wylie] You can label and classify the resources with 'Tags', add a short description about the resource, and recommend it to your friends. "If you are away from home, or work, you can still find and use the sites you value most. Social bookmarking sites also give you the option of joining a group of like minded people, following, or being followed by, individuals who collect similar types of bookmarks to your own." [Jonathan Wylie]

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Interesting questions

  • What is the educational potential of Social Bookmarking?
  • How to use Social Bookmarking in Teacher Education and Teacher Training?

Application scenarios in education

  • Searching learning/educational resources: Social bookmarking is useful for searching learning/eduactional resources, bookmark them and share them with collegues. Social bookmarking could be used in working groups or for individual purposes.
  • Project based learning tasks: "Teachers can share annotated bookmarks with a class to research a given topic. Students can perform their own research, and share a useful website with the class. Bookmarks can be accessed just as easily at home, as at school, and online discussions can be had over the merit of a suggested site, or its usefulness to the class project. Bookmarks can be organized within group to cover several different projects, and the chance to archive for next year's class is a great time saver for teachers." [Jonathan Wylie
  • Two students coming from different backgrounds tag the same text with two different colors. The students can also add comments to the text to discuss the topic of the text. At the end they hand in their debate to receive credits. The debate on the text is available afterwards for other students. Antibody Model

How Social Bookmarking works

Social Bookmarking - Video Tutorial

Tools and Services

Delicious, Digg, Trunk.ly, Diigo (collect, highlight, and remember), Mister Wong, Springpad (save, organize, act), CiteULike



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